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eCorridor logo eCorridor was founded in November of 2000 by George and Brad with a vision of bringing state-of-the-art technology solutions to the hospitality and travel industry. Ten months later, after our nation faced an attack on the World Trade Center and the cities of New York and Washington DC, the entire travel industry came to a screeching halt. Projects quickly dried up within the industry. George and Brad were faced with the challenge that many entrepreneurs must face. Now what? From their determination, eCorridor landed a project with the Maricopa County criminal justice agencies. Within a few years, eCorridor had grown to a consulting firm with 20 employees and were serving the needs of the criminal justice and law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Arizona. eCorridor was the lead consulting firm that developed a fully integrated process from the time someone was arrested to the final disposition of the charges. Many of the systems that eCorridor built for the cities, county and state are still operating today.

Gains Equity LogoWith business partners Arlene Pfeiff and Brad Hilton, George founded GAINS Equity Management in the heart of the great recession. Distressed debt (i.e. charged off credit cards, auto loans, mortgages) was skyrocketing, reaching peaks of ten times the normal rates of this type of debt. George, along with his business partners, saw the opportunity to purchase portfolios of this type of debt at a deeply discounted rate. GAINS Equity Management brought a vision and commitment that Everybody GAINS! With the core principle of treating people with dignity and respect, GAINS Equity Management worked with debtors to clean up their finances while making money for the investors. Over the six years of business, GAINS Equity Management has managed 8 funds with over $40 million dollars invested. Four of the funds are complete with all investors making solid profits and four funds are still operating today.

Gains Venture logoOnce George, Brad and Arlene streamlined their GAINS Equity Management company, they looked at other major business opportunities to explore. Congress had recently passed the JOBS Act of 2012 and several new regulations were being passed that changed how companies can get capitalized. Seeing this opportunity, they launched GAINS Venture Group and began working with businesses that needed management support and investment capital to grow to the next level with the goal of becoming a publicly trading company. GAINS Venture Group is currently working with six separate emerging growth companies that are in the clean energy, financial services and HVAC industries.